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My boss has two possible roles in mind for me. How can I influence his decision on which to assign me to?

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Alice Davidson


( 6 months ago )

My boss is undecided whether to assign me to:

  • role A: office (managing spreadsheets, image editing, vectorial drawing, etc.)
  • role B: warehouse stock assistant

How can I convince him or influence his decision?

I feel more inclined for the office role, rather than the stock one.

I have worked office jobs in the past, and feel like my skills belong to role A, more than role B.

How do you think I should act or talk to the boss, in order to make him take the right decision for him and for me?

James Watson


( 6 months ago )

Assume that your boss is not a mind reader and state your preference plainly, and before your boss hands down the decision, if you haven't already done so.

Give him say three reasons why you would be of better use to the boss as an office person than as a stock clerk e.g. I am already familiar and comfortable with the operations at the office and there is nothing about what needs to be done in the office that's a surprise to me, I have already developed a degree of effectiveness and efficiency in terms of office skills and I expect to build on this acquired effectiveness and efficiency to be able to carry out necessary tasks that are more complex, the office personnel knows you and you all work well together, etc.

If the boss still assigns you as a stock clerk, make the best of it and squeeze as much lemonade as you can from that lemon. You can claim in the future that you learned warehouse and operations and inventory management from the bottom up and this makes you more effective at office operations, etc.

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