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Not getting the relieving letter. Need it urgently [duplicate]

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Sam Curran


( 6 months ago )

I am facing a difficult situation. I worked in a company for above a year. In July, last year, I resigned from the company to pursue my higher education plans. Due to my highly hectic schedule and exams nearing by, I asked them to relieve me early. My notice period was of 3 months and I agreed to serve for 1 month. Initially, they agreed as I have been doing some good things in the company but suddenly 2 days before my relieving date, they said that i need to serve my notice period for 3 months. I was very disappointed, and I complained.

My manager was very supportive and advised me to leave the company saying that they will give you the relieving letters later. give them some time to cool down. Not thinking much, I dropped and email and quit my job. Since then, i have not received any relieving letters from them and when asked about the same, they are very rude in replying.

Now I have got admission in one of the premier MBA institute and they are asking for my experience and relieving letters which I have to submit by june. What should I Do?

Some other details: 1) They did not pay me for the last month which was approximately equal to the amount I need to pay if I dont serve the notice period. 2) My employment agreement just says one sentence about this "Your notice period is 3 months" and nothing else that what If I cant serve. 3) My manager is still supportive and can give me in written 4) I am carrying my joining letter, salary slips and promotion letter which I got a month before resigning.

Please help me friends. MBA is really important for me.

Nicola Aley


( 6 months ago )

I will give you options here.

option one:

You can get a lawyer and send a legal notice claiming your relieve and your experience letter and also damages for the delay for irresponsible behavior of the company in addressing the grievance of the former employee.

option two

The problem that you have is that your resignation is not getting accepted by your current organization. You should check your offer letter and that would clearly state your notice period. If your manager does not waive it off, then you will have to fully serve the notice period. The organization is bound by the rules as stated in the offer letter to you.

Talk to your manager, he is the best bet here to solve the problem. I'd suggest you contact your Manager and see what can be done to get the relieving letter.

Probably they might ask you pay for the skipped notice period (if your notice period is X days, the amount will typically be basic pay component of your salary for X days).

While you might have genuine reasons for not serving the notice period, its better to pay for the notice period and get the relieving document.

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