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Omitted short-term job from job application and worried about background check

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Shiv Thapa


( 7 months ago )


So I received a formal job offer last week, and I am now going through the background check process to get everything finalized.

I have one job that I left off of my resume that was a six-week stint at a collections law firm. It was a horrifyingly bad position (so bad that I ended up in therapy over it), and I left it off of my resume for good reason since it has absolutely nothing to do with my career path.

When I went to apply for this job, they just had me submit my resume and cover letter, and that was it. I didn't submit any addresses or anything else as far as my employment history. They did, however, put me through five interviews and two personality tests for this position, so I know they are thorough when it comes to their interview process.

For the background and credit check, they just wanted my date of birth and my SSN, and they said their 3rd party background checking company would take it from there. I did find it odd that they still did not want any other information, but I figure their background company is also going to be insanely thorough and might catch this job. The only thing they are not doing is giving me a drug test, which is also odd since practically every other job I have had I have had a drug screen.

Now I am super worried since I have not disclosed this minor stint working at this law firm that it is going to kill this job opportunity. I really want this job, so I would like to do the right thing that will help me secure it.

I know that my criminal background is clean as I have had to undergo two background checks for my current position that I was a contract-to-hire for with a Fortune 500 company. I don't know if their employment background check was as thorough as this one will be, but I did have to submit W-9s, copies of my diploma, etc. for my current job. They never asked me about the temporary law firm stint, and I was hired on. It was also a 3rd party that was doing the employment background check.

Should I call the hiring manager in HR that I have been working with and let them know about this job or should I just let it go and wait for them to ask me about it?

Jignesh Patel


( 7 months ago )

It's a bit late to be going back to them with that information in my opinion. And probably not a great idea to say you needed therapy. You're not obligated to give your full work history anyway. So I reckon you should leave it as is unless asked. Many people have left many jobs for many reasons, the point of a CV is to give a factual account of yourself in the best light. No employer expects a blow by blow of your whole life. And no realistic employer expects to see anything detrimental on a CV. If they want your full work history, they will ask for it.


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