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Should I call the interviewer directly, if HR aren't responding?

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Dilpreet Kaur


( 7 months ago )


I had a first round telephonic interview with a company - I thought the interview went very well and I was hoping to hear back from them by now, but I haven't received any call yet.

Whenever I call HR they are not taking my call. I saved the number of the interviewer who had called me, so shall I directly call the interviewer to follow up, or is this considered unprofessional?

From email I got a schedule email with one link "Cancel" if timing is not Ok, date and time etc.

HR called me to check mail and asked to be available on time. There was no follow up, contact number or interview process.

Here I am specific like should I call interviewer or not instead of how to proceed for the follow up.

*Company: This is a big company with 10000+ employees

Sarah Jones


( 7 months ago )

(US-Midwest perspective. Your mileage may vary.)

If it's been a week then yes you can call for a quick 'I'm checking in to see how the job search is going.', as there could be a hundred reasons why you haven't been contacted yet, such as they've already ruled you out, they're still interviewing, they've offered the position to somebody else and am waiting for their answer, they're waffling on if they really need the position, they're waiting for somebody to come off of vacation, they're waiting for a senior person to be available so they can schedule a final interview, who knows.

One of the best jobs I've ever had I did that after a week of silence, and the hiring manager response was 'What? They should have offered you the job three days ago! Give me an hour...', and I had the job offer in my Inbox in 20 minutes.

Good luck. Jim

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