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Telling hiring manager you plan on starting a business? [closed]

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Atul Kasana


( 7 months ago )

So one of colleagues who I am currently working with to develop a mobile application had an interview with a company last week.

He was asked:

"What do you do in your spare time?"

He told them true and replied:

"Me and a coworker are planning on making a mobile application that we hope to launch within a couple of months"

He told me the manager was very impressed but didn't show an sign of hesitancy.

Should you be truthful in these types of questions or just say some generic answer?

Priya Roy


( 7 months ago )

There should be no issue with telling the hiring manager about your personal business ventures, in fact you should probably be open about that in the beginning to prevent any issues.

Usually when you work in IT, companies often have you sign an Intellectual Property Agreement which outlines what work you do is owned by your employer etc. You will want to read that very carefully and potentially seek legal counsel just to be on the safe side.

As long as the work you're doing on the side does not interfere with or directly relate to the work you are getting paid to do, there shouldn't be any issues.

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