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  • Sneha Sharma Jan-02-2019 09:51:30 AM ( 4 months ago )

     In the year 2014 i was working with an Indian IT company as sales executive, where i signed a employment bond for 1.5 years against which company took a blank cheque. After 6 months only due to some family issue I left the company by just sending an email to HR. Since i broke the bond company deposited my blank cheque with the amount of 2.4 lakhs and due to account closed, the cheque got bounced hence lawyer started sending me demand notice for which i gave no response, then company filed section 138 cheque bounce case against me. I lost the case in district court and judge said that i did not submitted email copy to court hence i am convicted and have to pay 3.5 lakhs defaulted then 6 months jail. now i have applied in session court and matter is under session court. Due to poor knowledge and poor lawyer i lost the case but now i want to know possible ways to finish this case.

  • Surbhi Malik Jan-02-2019 09:52:56 AM ( 4 months ago )

    Hi, If the bond is reasonable and not one-sided it will be held valid. As it is a contract between two consenting adults there is nothing wrong unless you prove it otherwise. Moreover your first step was wrong and there seems to be very little you can do unless you bring in something which was missed by the trial court. You cannot bring in new point at this stage since it is more of an appeal than the trial itself. You try to ask for leniency and try to get the amount reduced or better still you may settle it out of court with its knowledge and see that your career is not jeopardized at this stage. There is no point in confronting especially when the odds are stacked against you. Be practical and let it go for the sake of your career and mental peace

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