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  • Lucky Negi Dec-12-2018 05:42:26 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Is IT industry really getting overcrowded? What is the future of IT industry in India?

  • Yasmin Mirza Dec-12-2018 05:48:38 AM ( 5 months ago )

    NO engineering or other sophisticated knowledge wil ever become redundant for a country like India, where huge developmental issues remain unsolved. The IT Industry will need to continuously innovate its portfolio to include newer segments of the economy into its field of work. The crowd has a tendency to imitate the leaders. So when economically and socially deprived segments of the society find that IT Is a highly paying field, they strive their children to the niche hitherto dominated by the influential segments. Faced with competition from these new peers, the leaders of the industry start filtering new entrants more rigorously and also adopting more sophisticated terms to describe the technology, which keeps the new entrants wondering what they have not learnt. They then blame the universities for teachingirrelevant and outdated technologies and spread the message that IT has no morescope in India..

    Remember the days when only the posh Labs and Planning Commission of India had computers . Then the Big Colleges started getting them and Central and State Secretariats got them. Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure sawa big push towards Telecom and IT Revolution. Goverment employees and Bak employees resisted computerisation for quite some time until the new equipment became outdated. Meanwhile private companies recruited IT Professionals and gained from the leap forward , becoming competitive in the world markets.

    C_DAC is a shining example of what Indian IT professionals can achieve, given the right environment and funding. India’s push in outer space is also increasing, increasing the demand for better IT inffrastructure.

  • Garry Buttler Dec-12-2018 05:52:51 AM ( 5 months ago )

    IT industry is just like a bowl of milk. 90% are the plain milk and 10% are the cream part of it.

    Whatsoever be the case, the cream is always cherished. So the survival of the fittest is true here also in IT industry. However, the rest of the milk gets old and is replaced by new milk.

    So the IT industry is already crowded but the jobs are constant so the old guys (by old I don't mean by age but by skill) get replaced by new professionals. Make sure you are the cream part !!

  • Kajal Gaur Dec-12-2018 05:56:17 AM ( 5 months ago )

    We don't know at the moment. However, it is true that it isn't what it used to be. Pressure is immense and there is a race to differentiate yourself. The average guy is going to be hit hard. Being in IT will require lot of hard work apart from all the boring drudgery. In future people would experience redundancies more often than they do now and it would not be uncommon to find yourself jobless for extended periods of time. Senior people would find it harder to continue and land a new job if they are made jobless. In short, lot of uncertainty and misery awaits you unless you work really hard and you are good at what you do.

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