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  • Jai Khanna Dec-17-2018 05:39:31 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Is it possible to develop a web app using Python Flask for back end and React for the front end?

  • Dilpreet Kaur Dec-17-2018 05:46:02 AM ( 5 months ago )

    I don't know why some answers says NO

    but I do know that impossible is a big word to say nowadays, so YES you could do this and by many ways.

    One way is to separate and the front end from the backend and use Flask API and design your whole backend in REST-API Architecture.


    Another way is to do like this guy did here bonniee/react-flask I also suggest to go throw this repo if you are a beginner he just merged React and Flask and take a look at this very good tutorial on using React as the front end for Flask app The Ultimate Flask Front-End

  • Amie Khalifa Dec-17-2018 05:47:44 AM ( 5 months ago )

    Flask is a lightweight backend framework. React is a frontend UI rendering library. Therefore the answer is unambiguously yes.

    The real issue is, should you do this? That's a potentially much bigger answer, which at this point can be summarised as "it depends" – on how big the app is planned to be, how much experience you have in Python and Web server development in general, how much experience you have with React, what else you'll be using alongside React for state management etc., and a bunch of other conditions.

    You have two options at this point:

    • Do lot of research about Flask, React, and your application requirements, to decide whether these are the right technologies for the job.
    • Jump in and start using them anyway. You'll learn a whole lot about how to use them, their strengths and weaknesses, and maybe have something good to add to your CV/resumé.

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