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  • Manpreet Singh Dec-07-2017 03:02:43 PM ( 1 year ago )

     I wonder if any of the big parties and leaders are using any software or apps for campaign management.

  • Digvijay Singh Dec-07-2017 03:13:36 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Unity Election Management Software

    Unity election management software ( seamlessly blends your current voting system with the industry’s best digital-scanning solutions.

    DS200™ Precinct Tabulator

    The DS200 is the future of precinct tabulators, integrating into your existing voting system and featuring the latest digital-image technology.

    ·         Handles more than 450 precincts for early voting needs

    ·         Large LCD touch screen that clearly presents instructions

    ·         Thermal paper roll with EZ-Load technology

    ·         Results stored on USB stick drives (no batteries required)

    ·         Easy to move in its rolling case

    DS850™ High-Speed Tabulator

    The DS850™ vote tabulator's unrivaled in high-speed digital imaging speed and accuracy allows for smooth, continuous ballot scanning from start to finish – saving valuable time during the election process.

    ·         Scans more than 9,000 folded ballots per hour

    ·         Automatic sorting allows for continuous scanning

    ·         Three out-stack bins for write-in votes, over-votes, and blank ballots

    ·         Large LCD touch screen for interactive control


    ·         High-speed camera captures every ballot image

  • Aditya Tomar Dec-07-2017 03:17:31 PM ( 1 year ago )

    Yes, Mostly parties are using LeadNXT software. It offers complete CRM Solution for all type of political parties to supervise their political programs and other political affairs, efficiently through Political Party Cloud Telephony services. It is the most powerful, interactive solution that helps in supervision of party campaign & virtual appointment diary.

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