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Chasing a vacancy where the end date for submissions keeps moving

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Liza Sain


( 4 months ago )

I recently applied for a vacancy directly through a company's website. From postings on agency websites, it was obvious from the description that this vacancy was also being touted by several agencies

I sent my application in and the end date for submissions was due. The day before the end date, it was pushed back by 2 weeks. Today I have found out through the website it has been pushed back another 6 weeks

My question is - should I get in touch with the company to find out WHY it is being pushed back? Would that seem too eager/pushy? I appreciate there are many factors that could contribute to this (lack of applicants, relevant manager off, changes within the company of departments/roles) but I am keen to know if this is a non-starter now rather than in many weeks

If yes, should I just drop a short and direct email to the company?

Priyanka Chadda


( 4 months ago )

I wouldn't ask. It is none of your business why they pushed back the date. You have no reason or standing to ask that question, it will come of as weird or demanding.

I would act like for any other candidacy : you applied (through the channels they asked, I hope), they know you're interested. If they are interested in you, they will contact you when the time is right for them. They might never contact you. So continue your job search as if they won't, and let it be a nice surprise if and when they do.

You could ask what their timeline is like if you yourself are on a tight schedule (aka you have a good reason to disrupt them), but I wouldn't even do that. They didn't contact you yet, they didn't show their interest in you. So again, being asked by a candidate they didn't reach out to what their timeline is, could be seen as weird and/or entitled. If you're lucky it won't make a bad impression, but it won't make a good one either way.

Just imagine that every candidate who applies sends a follow up e-mail. It's a nightmare for the recruiter, and it helps nobody.

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