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Got invited to apply for a job for which I don't qualify. How should I take this?

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( 3 months ago )

I contacted someone at a company that I was interested in applying for. He then contacted me back and told me that they would be looking to hire someone at the end of summer and that I should apply then. So, I patiently waited and after some time they reached out to me and told me about their job posting. It seemed like an invitation to apply and I took the wording by them to mean that I had a high probability of landing an interview.

I saw that they viewed my LinkedIn profile and saw the amount of experience I had. But, when I viewed their official job posting, I didn't meet the requirements to even apply for the job. I would need 1 more year of experience working in a specific technology and I'm missing 2 years of experience working in their front-end framework.

Should I take this to mean anything? Should I make note that I don't really qualify for the position that they invited me to apply for? Or are they attempting to gather some potentially more well-suited candidates before interviewing me?

I was feeling really hopeful but now I'm feeling a little deflated by the job posting.



( 3 months ago )

Job orders are often written up by people who have little to do with the actual job. Even when they are, they are often written up with an overly optimistic "Wish list" rather than actual requirements.

It is safe to assume that, having read your linkedin profile, they know your qualifications and they are satisfied with them to at least bringing you in for an interview. Most employers aren't going to look at a resume and say "gosh, this person looks great, but we wanted 10 years of experience with xyz, but he's only got 9, we can't use him"

When I look at someone, I look at the whole picture. If this person has some "nice to have" items in their profile that demonstrate that this individual is clearly competent and a fast learner, I'm not going to be concerned about any areas where he needs more experience.

You might get offered a bit less if you're lacking a bit, or perceived as such, but by all means, go ahead. Apply and get that interview, just be honest on the interview.

Well, I don't have quite as much exposure to XYZ as your job description requires, but I'm confident in my skill in it.


I may be a bit weak in XYZ, would there be an opportunity for me to train-up if need be?

But don't get discouraged.

As I said, many job orders are either overly optimistic or inaccurate, sometimes, even wildly so. Don't take the requirements as written in stone.

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