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Handling work between undergraduate and graduate

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Peter Jarvis


( 5 months ago )

I have a career fair coming up and I will probably start graduate school next fall. I have two options at this career fair - tell people I can work full time and tell them halfway through that I got accepted to grad school and I am leaving, or be upfront about my situation and ask them for a sort of internship in the interim (which will be about 8 months).

Now, there have been plenty of posts in the past where people in my situation have asked this question and they have been told to explain their situation up front. However, my parents have told me many times that I owe nothing to a business, and that in their workplaces they have seen quite a few people come work for a much shorter period of time and leave to no hard feelings. Sometimes these people have even come back to higher salaries. Is this something specific to their industries (banking and a patent office) or their workplaces, or does this happen everywhere?

I also want to add that while it does feel wrong to omit that information (i.e. me going to grad school), it is much better than the alternative of not getting hired anywhere at all and doing nothing but biding my time for that 8 month period. And based on the information I can see right now, my chances of getting experience at the places I want to work are much higher if I hide that particular aspect of my life.

Rahul Chaudhary


( 5 months ago )

I'm assuming two things here - firstly that companies in your general area take interns, and secondly that you've made your mind up that you're going to grad school (as oppose to still deciding if it's for the best.)

If that's the case, then be upfront and honest.

However, my parents have told me many times that I owe nothing to a business

They're correct in this - but I say this not because it's best for the company in this situation, but it's likely best for you as well. It has a number of advantages:

  • If you work well, you have a very good chance of walking straight into a job after your graduate studies are complete;
  • You get to talk with any co-workers and supervisors about what your future plans are, and any advice they may have (rather than having to keep it a secret for months on end);
  • Longer term, it looks better on your CV to have a 6 month planned internship, rather than a job that you just happened to leave after half a year.

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