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How to increase chance of you getting hired if you are not a native to that country?

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( 3 months ago )

I am an Android developer with almost 5 years of experience in native android application development. I am from India and considering moving to another country, mainly Canada, japan or any European country with good demand for IT professionals.

I have been applying with different companies having vacancy that suits my current profile, I have even applied to lower positions that require half of the experience I have, but almost all the time I receive rejection mails saying that your profile suits but we wish you better luck. I even sometimes write back to get any feedback that would help me understand what I might be doing wrong, but just to receive replies that most of times consisting that we are looking for someone with same origin country.

It has been more than a year since I am doing this kind of online applications but to no results. What should I change to get a chance to get my application considered and proceed?

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