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Joining new company next week and meanwhile expecting for offer letter from an abroad company

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Mike Franklin


( 4 months ago )


I am a software developer, working in India. I received an offer from Company A in India two months ago, and I start at the organisation next week. Meanwhile, I tried applying to Company B outside of India, and I am on the verge of getting selected there, but I am not sure how the visa processing will go.

I don't want to lose the job at Company A in an assumption that everything will go smoothly with the Company B.

What reason should I give HR in Company A for wanting to delay my joining date? I really don't want to tell them that I am trying for another company and that's the reason I want them to delay.

Amie Khalifa


( 4 months ago )

You'll have to weigh-in the benefits and the demerits of joining both companies.

The easiest thing to do would be to stay at the company you're expected to join next week. It would also cause no problems with the company. It's also the most ethical thing to do. Especially since you don't have the letter of offer for the other company yet.

I don't want to lose the new job that I have to join next week in a assumption that everything will go smoothly for going to other company outside.

It's a hard choice, obviously. You have to pick between something you know will reward you or gamble with a job that you really want but has many risks(No letter of offer yet, getting a work visa, moving out of India, backlash of burning bridges with other company ,etc.)

I really don't want to tell them that I am trying for another company and that's the reason I want you to extend my joining date

After reading up a bit on India's 3 month notice period in the IT sector, I can understand why you would want to extend your joining period. Ask for an extension on the join date. Tell them that you have personal things to attend to and if they pry too much just tell them you're not comfortable saying much more.

If you do get the letter of offer, it'll be up to you to find a way to tell them you'll be working abroad instead of joining them but at least there shouldn't be any legal issues. I still find it sort of unethical but you have to remind yourself that you're your own person and you should do what makes you happiest.

If you don't end up getting the letter of offer during that extension, you still have options: If after you've joined the company and the abroad company sends you the letter of offer, ask them if they would be alright with waiting for 3 months. You could explain to them that it is part of your contract(correct me if I'm wrong here) to give a 3 months notice but it would also help you get a work visa and find a place to live.

You would be burning bridges but if you think the results outweigh all the issues you'll have to face, go for it. I don't think it's that uncommon for people to leave early for better opportunities.

Hope this helps a bit.

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