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Preparing resume without job experience or education degree

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Vikrant Srivastava


( 5 months ago )

Many programmers nowadays learn programming on their own and don't feel the need to attend to college since they've already attained the knowledge.

So my question is: Without a job experience in a firm and a degree, what is the best way to prepare your resume?

How should you write down experiences that you gathered without working with payment to your resume? The open source projects or private projects are surely an experience that proves the skill and knowledge level but which section of the resume should they be written in?

What can I do to project that I am qualified for the job?


Arminder Gill


( 5 months ago )

That's really hard, because in my area, more and more employers are requiring degrees and even prefer advanced degrees. And even more important than that is experience - getting that first job is hard. For people attending college, they can often use internships and work study jobs as some evidence of job experience.

Without college or experience, one of your best bets might be to volunteer and do programming work for a non-profit. That way, you can show some job experience, even if you're not paid. Of course, you will also have a repository of work you've done on your own to show. Another option is to write applications and sell them, so that you don't need a standard job at all. Or you can add the self-employed part to your resume.

Part of the problem is that writing code is only a small part of being qualified for a job. And until you have had a job, you don't know what you don't know. So, in that case, even if the job is not in programming, it is good to do something paid, if you can find it, so you can indicate experience in having a job.

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