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Time to start looking for a new job? [closed]

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Shreya Bansal


( 4 months ago )


Current situation (Scrum Master), Senior management:

  • hired new hires (Scrum Masters), I am longest serving employee
  • 'forgetting' to invite me to important strategic meetings, but not forgetting to invite the other Scrum Masters. At current company Scrum Masters do a lot of agile coaching and are involved with guiding Senior management on how to improve process at team level based on feedback from Scrum Team.
  • Replacing me as Scrum Master on a workstream, but reliant on me to do a 'handover' to new Scrum Master who is struggling and not acknowledging he is, or the good work I am doing to help upskill him
  • Unlike other Scrum Masters, not taking a lot of my ideas/proposals seriously, reporting etc

I have spoken to Senior Management about their plans for me, their plans are the following:

  • To run a new work stream at some point
  • To support new Scrum Masters
  • To take a step back and let them make strategic decisions which doesn't sit well from their inexperience at commercial level of this org

However, feeling a bit unsettled and undervalued since I feel that I am being deliberately brushed aside, as I am not involved in any strategic decision making without any long term plan being properly established. Feels like I have been stripped off my responsibilities, and I am now a bit anxious that they are setting me up for other people to take credit for any good work I produce. For example, after I upskill Scrum Master struggling.

Do I have any right to be concerned, should I start looking?

what's your interest