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Do the principles of design help the viewer in successfully understanding the work?

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Brian Burl


( 6 months ago )

So I am learning about graphic design from the ground up starting with the fundamental elements and principles.

As I delve deeper into the subject reading more and more about principles like unity/harmony, balance, and design overall, I have come to the following conclusion:

One of the functions of graphic design is aiding the viewer of a piece of work to discover the essence of the artifact, the underlying message that you as the designer is trying to communicate, it is like a storytelling exercise where you as the designer are the author, or, a journey where you as the designer act as a guide, directing the viewer through the work using the elements and principles as tools to reach the ultimate conclusion which would be the message you're trying to communicate.

Would this be a correct analysis or am I completely off and if so (I wouldn't be surprised) where am I going wrong?

what's your interest