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Does composing and learning music theory solely on DAWs restrict one's learning experience?

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( 5 months ago )

As a hobbyist I've been learning and picking up new music theory through a long process of 'experimentation' for about 2 years. When I learned more about different modes, chords etc. I would mess around with them and try to make something decent. Lately my music is now passable for decent video game music. I can make pieces that work good for a lot of epic, fast-paced orchestral battles, but I can never manage really emotional songs with sadness or a joyous atmosphere.

I hope I didn't baffle on too much there, but now my question: If I was to practice the piano, and compose on a physical instrument, would it harbour creativity and a better understanding of more complex music theory? For example, I struggle with the extra 'flairs' that you can have on piano arrangements, with many fast arpeggios, trills, use of dynamics etc.

what's your interest