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( 6 months ago )

Generic, fool-proof extract brewing method

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Kajal Gaur


( 6 months ago )

Your recipe looks pretty good, but I agree with Sneftel. Add all of your LME to the beginning of the boil. There are chemical things (hot break, protein breaking down, etc) going on that require the 60 minute boil time. That said, you really ought to think about adding some adjunct grains to give your beer mouth feel and body (and color). Generally, you'd put the crushed grains in a grain bag (open mesh cloth sack), tie is closed and steep in 170 degree Fahrenheit (77 C) water for 20 minutes.

Reason for cooling quickly

In general, bacteria live and thrive in the 40-140 degree Fahrenheit (4 - 60 C) temperature range. The quicker you get your wort to pitching temperature and the yeast pitched, the less chance of a bacterial infection. The yeast will compete with the bacteria and provide a CO2 rich environment that the infecting bacteria can't live through. This is also the other reason for boiling your malt.

Yasmin Mirza


( 6 months ago )


Ingredients have arrived - I'm ready to go ahead with my latest brew. All those which I have done thus far haven't been perfect for a variety of reasons (admittedly probably my own fault as I've tried different methods/techniques as I've been learning).

So I'm trying to establish a reliable extract brewing method, from boil-to-bottle, encompassing everything which I have done so far and what I've been advised/read on here and other sites.

This particular brew for which I will use this method is as follows:-

23L batch. 10L boil. Safale US-05 11.5g


5kg light liquid malt extract (0.25kg of which is late addition @ 15mins.)

100g Dextrose


75g Apollo hops - 60min boil - 19% AA


25g Apollo hops - 30min boil - 19% AA

25g El Dorado hops - 30min boil - 14.1% AA


75g El Dorado hops - 15min boil - 14.1% AA

Predicted Properties:-

Original Gravity: 1.063 Final Gravity: 1.012 ABV: 6.75% IBU: 103.99


N.B. I'm omitting 'obvious' things like sterilisation here:-

1) Bring water to a rolling boil, remove from the heat and add required amount (add all if doing no late additions) of fermentables and stir until full dissolved. Ensure that none is stuck to the bottom of the pan.

2) Return to a rolling boil and add the amount of hops as and when desired.

3) Flameout. Remove from heat and cool as fast as possible to near pitching temperature ASAP as to avoid bacterial growth etc.

4) Add additional water content to reach the desired fermentation volume. (As an addition/replacement for step 3, this water can be cooled as much as possible to aid in reducing the temperature of the wort.

5) Pitch yeast evenly when the wort is at a temperature slightly lower than ideal fermentation temperature. When fermentation commences, the yeasts' exothermic reactions will raise the temperature further until optimal temp. is reached.

6) Seal the FV and monitor fermentation. When complete, turn off heat source.

7) (A subjective step) Leave in primary for xx days (I usually go for 2-3 weeks in the primary, including the fermentation period.)

8) Once conditioned, cold crash the FV in a bath or suitable container for approx. 48 hours prior to bottling to aid in yeast drop out.

9) Prime bottles, add beer, cap, store in warm place for minimum 2 weeks to condition and carbonate.

10) Drink.

Thoughts? Comments? Additions? Experiences? - All welcome. I want to make this one top notch!

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