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How to start now Guitar and Music Theory Or Guitar Theory

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Jignesh Patel


( 6 months ago )

I have been practicing the guitar for nearly a year on my own. I know you will say that I should hire a guitar teacher but I can't do this at the moment. I know some basic chords and I can play them well individually but I am not very good at changing between chords. I am using the Yousician app and I have reached level 5. But I am struggling with slow improvement. I can play tabs for a song I listen to on my own. On a scale of 10 I would rate myself a 2 in my guitar skills. My friend suggested that I should learn music theory along with learning guitar as it will help me in the long run. I have heard of music theory but I haven't used it anywhere. When I researched music theory I saw many people teach through piano. I then get confused that some people teach it through the guitar. So what Is the difference between these two and which should I learn and practice? A reference or link to video lessons would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

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