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If I Wanted to get Involved in Space Exploration— What Should/Could I do?

General Tech Learning Aids/Tools

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( 4 months ago )

In a general sense, this question is looking to address the problem that most space enthusiasts encounter; actually getting themselves involved with something beyond Earth. Most people don't have access to cheap and effective ways to launch themselves or probes into orbit-- so my question is as follows...

Beyond reading as much as possible, as often as possible, and following as many current events as I can, what else can I do? Potentially, I'd like to start plotting my own launch-plan for a theoretical mission. Can anyone list a couple tools that could be used to accomplish this? I understand pen-and-paper mathematics are tried and true, but if anyone has a list of resources to get me started in the right direction I'd be happy. I really want to start getting my career on a path that could potentially intersect with space, and any resources/insight that the highly respected former KSC employees that frequent this site have are welcome. A guide on how to prepare yourself to be hired as a NASA employee (not astronaut) would potentially be good material.

On a personal note, my degree is in Computer Science and Engineering. The answers honestly shouldn't focus on this facet though, as I want this to be accessible to other interested parties.

If this is not considered on-topic for this website, please let me know; I will remove it.

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