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Python 3 error with Tkinter: _tkinter.TclError: unknown option “-padding”

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Charles Kyobe


( 6 months ago )


I've been learning tkinter with the help of a python book. However, the python book is written for python 2 and I'm using python 3. This has generated several errors, and up to now I've been able to fix them, with the aid of other questions here. It is a basic program that shows a window with buttons to play 3 games or to destroy the window. When either of the first two games(rock paper scissors and hangman) are opened, they are supposed to open a Toplevel() that has various buttons that lets you play the game. I haven't written the graphics code for the third game yet. They don't play, though, because of an error: _tkinter.TclError: unknown option "-padding" which I haven't found any detail about online. I understand that the unknown option means that that attribute/keyword doesn't exist in my version of tkinter and python 3. The error lines look like: rpsFrame = Frame(rpsWindow, padding = '3 3 12 12', width = 300)

In case you need it, the error and code are below. (this code doesn't run without additional code) (if you want this code I will add it, but I want to keep this shortish)

Here is the full error traceback:

Exception in Tkinter callback

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python34\lib\tkinter\", line 1533, in __call__
    return self.func(*args)
  File "E:\Python\Python Book\Graphics\", line 149, in gui
    hmFrame = Frame(hmWindow, padding = "3 3 12 12", width = 300)
  File "C:\Python34\lib\tkinter\", line 2582, in __init__
    Widget.__init__(self, master, 'frame', cnf, {}, extra)
  File "C:\Python34\lib\tkinter\", line 2122, in __init__
    (widgetName, self._w) + extra + self._options(cnf))
_tkinter.TclError: unknown option "-padding"

Here is the interface code:

from tkinter import *
import RockPaperScissors
import Hangman
import PokerDice

root = Tk()
root.title("Linux User & Developer's Mega Games Collection")

mainframe = Frame(root, height = 200, width = 500)
mainframe.pack(padx = 5, pady = 5)

intro = Label(mainframe, text = """Welcome to Linux User & Developers Mega
Microgames Collection.
Select one of the following games to play:
intro.pack(side = TOP)

rpsButton = Button(mainframe, text = "Rock, Paper, Scissors",
                   command = RockPaperScissors.gui)

hmButton = Button(mainframe, text = "Hangman", command = Hangman.gui)

pdButton = Button(mainframe, text = "Poker Dice", command = PokerDice
Vikrant Srivastava


( 6 months ago )

There are virtually no differences between tkinter in 2.x vs 3.x, except for the import statements. This is not a 2.x vs 3.x problem.

The padding option is only valid for ttk.Frame, but you're using tkinter.Frame. For the standard tkinter Frame widget you have the padx and pady options.

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