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Rosh HaShanna glossary: What do hain, hesed, and rachamim mean?

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Rukhsar Fatima


( 6 months ago )

There are many words in the siddur and in the machzor for Rosh HaShanna that seem central to the prayers for the season including hain, hesed, and rachamim, and also words translated as: help, save, pity, redeem, pardon, forgive, console, hamol (heb. - also translated as pity), charity, tear up evil decree, gracious, mercy, aid, heal, rescue (hatzlianu), chapar (grant tonement), and return. (Surely this list is not complete.)

Some of these terms seem similar. Some of the translations have Christian overtones.

I am looking for a glossary or discussion of the various terms for repentance, etc. Can anyone point me toward such a document. If not, might anyone provide some ways to understand which of these terms are absolute synonyms, which are similar terms, and which are completely different?

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