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What is the opposite of “Model Binding” or “Value Providers” in MVC and is it extensible?

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( 5 months ago )


In other contexts, I'm used to "binding" inferring bidirectional movement of the data to/from the object. Put in other terms, we could call the movement of data from an object to a html form 'serialization' and the reverse, 'deserialization'. However model binders and value providers, seems only responsible for populating an object from an http request - the deserializing part. What part of the pipeline is responsible for taking data from the object and serializing it to the form or other http response? Or does it simply stop with the 'Html.TextBoxFor' utility?

I beleive I could create a custom InputExtension but that seems overkill - the default does most of what I need except for when it grabs the value for a property. I could also create a different model but that is also something I'm trying to avoid.

Is there an extensibility point where I could manage the value extraction from the model to the html input?

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