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Why there are no good open-source development tools? Shouldn't it be a priority for the community? [closed]

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( 5 months ago )

My native language is not english, so please sorry my mistakes.

I'm doing a course of free technologies and recently I've been learning Linux and it seems promising, however, I couldn't find good development tools, something like Visual Studio. After trying a lot of other IDEs, none of them gets close to MSVS functionality.

I know it's not easy to develop a good IDE, but there are dozens of "almost-there" IDEs, I wonder what they could do if the developers had joined efforts.

Also, I'm just wondering... Why the open-source community doesn't have a good IDE on top of the priority list.

After researching a little, I found a lot of articles describing how the OS community works, they always break apart, when things are getting usable they just dissipate and begin to work on more unusable things.

This made me very sad, because I thought open-source were serious stuff, and that's why I choose the course on free technologies, now I'm almost decided to give up.

There are hundreds of Linux distros, and hundreds of similar software that does almost the same thing, from desktop environments to python scripts, people are reinventing the wheel. Open-source is quantity and not quality.

If I can't find a good C++ IDE that has the features I'm used to, I'm going to give up. I'm not a genius geek, just a normal or maybe dumb guy who programs in C++ and is used to tools that facilitate the development. Emacs, Vim, all that stuff is too much for me. If that were the only tools available for programming, then programmers would be the rarest persons in the world because you need to be a super-genius to use these tools.

The features I want in a C++ IDE are: -Good code highlighting -Pop-up documentation -Good debugger with visual aid -Usable and smart code completion

Thank you.



( 5 months ago )

I think what you're encountering is a difference in culture. Surely there would not be the amount of free and open source software that exists if nobody had the tools to develop it. But the people who are developing it are mostly used to a very different flavor of tools that what folks brought up on Visual Basic are used to. Emacs, ctags, make, gdb, strace, ltrace, and so on are all very powerful and much more natural to somebody used to unix than a MS-style IDE... and I hesitate to simply say IDE, because many FOSS developers consider emacs itself to be an "IDE".

Perhaps your question would be more productive and less inflammatory if you instead asked "Why are there no open source MSVS-like IDEs?"

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