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  • Ekta Singhania Jan-03-2019 06:16:16 AM ( 4 months ago )

    Kindly help me out with the following queries : IF any employee's PL is 30 for the year 2017-2018 and for the current year 2018-2019 , again 18 PL s is added , total PL would be 48. Now tell me , that how much PLs can be encashed as per Labour Law, there: a. Only Half of PLs which are accumulated upto the last year. like Half of 30 b. Half of Full Pls which are accumulated to the current period also. like half of 48 c. the leaves encashment are based on Basics or Gross . if salary is increased in the current month, will it be included for the leave encashment or the same will be done on the last year Gross salary. kindly answer the above queries asap.

  • Rukhsar Fatima Jan-03-2019 06:20:30 AM ( 4 months ago )

    The leaves encashment are based on Basics or Gross it is depends on company's leave policy Some Organization give on (basic+DA+Other benefit) which is similar / near about Gross pay & some org give on Gross As per rules which we follow, will pay on Gross as well will give 25 Pl of year & SL can transfer & merge with PL by end of the year. Up to 36 PL accumulated & rest of PL can en-cash by employee during his service. Time of F&F there is only available PL can en-cash as a part of F&F.

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