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  • Yasmin Mirza Mar-13-2019 06:30:10 AM ( 2 months ago )

    I'm trying to make a text rpg, but I ran into a problem with defining what words a person can use.

    ##### Game Functions #####
    def start_game():
    DESCRIPTION = 'look'
    EXAMINATION = 'examine', 'check' 
    SOLVED = False
    UP = 'up', 'north'
    DOWN = 'down', 'north'
    LEFT = 'left', 'west'
    RIGHT = 'right', 'east'

    zonemap = { 'a1': { ZONENAME: "Town Hall", DESCRIPTION: 'description', EXAMINATION: 'examination', SOLVED: False UP: 'none', DOWN: 'b1', LEFT: '', RIGHT: 'a2'

    It says there is an indentation error on the first part and if I indent it I get a syntax error on the second part.

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