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  • Bhanu Gupta Mar-15-2019 06:12:41 AM ( 2 months ago )

    What is the preferred/correct choice for ReactJS stateless component's parameter? Is it props or list out all prop names?

    Choice 1:

    const Checkbox = props => {}

    Choice 2:

    const Checkbox = ({name, value}) => {}
  • Dipti Singh Mar-15-2019 06:13:56 AM ( 2 months ago )

    There is not incorrect choice here.

    If you have a few props only, like in your example name and value you can destructure them. If you have 10+ props, I think it's better to use just props and then work with them in the component body, just because of the visual style

  • Ekta Singhania Mar-15-2019 06:15:18 AM ( 2 months ago )

    Way way you want to use you component depends on how your component is implemented and its a matter of personal preference as well. The functional component is passed as props as argument post which you may prefer to use it as it is or destructure it

    Choice 1: const Checkbox = props => {}

    Most often you may use the above method when there are too many props that you wish to use or pass all of them down to the child component

    Choice 2: const Checkbox = ({name, value}) => {}

    The above pattern is where you destructure name and value from props. You may choose to do so when you only need to use name and value out of all the props passed

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