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  • Atul Kasana Mar-14-2019 01:34:14 PM ( 2 months ago )


    I know that everyone uses an IDE nowadays, but I just find it simpler to write my code in notepad++, compile it using a command prompt command, and run it from there too. At least that works for Java and Python. I've tried to get my head around how to do that with C++, and haven't been able to find anything good. Is there any compiler (like Java's JDK) that I can stick into my path and use the C++ equivalent of javac and java to run and compile my code from CMD?

    Note: please don't post answers and comments about how IDEs are better - I know they are. I'm just used to doing it the old way :D

  • Deepak Parmar Mar-14-2019 01:35:26 PM ( 2 months ago )

    It depends on what compiler you're using.

    For example, if you are using Visual C++ .NET 2010 Express, run Visual C++ 2010 Express Command Prompt from the start menu, and you can simply compile and run the code.

    > cl /EHsc mycode.cpp
    > mycode.exe

    or from the regular command line, you can run vcvars32.bat first to set up the environment. Alternatively search for setvcvars.cmd (part of a FLOSS project) and use that to even locate the installed VS and have it call vcvars32.bat for you.

    Please check your compiler's manual for command lines.

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