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  • Jadav Payeng Feb-12-2019 06:14:48 AM ( 3 months ago )

    Is it possible to have a browser request a tunnel through a proxy to a destination server?

    I have a web page with a backend server (Server A). I want the user to be able to request data from another server (Server B) by tunneling through Server A.

    The ultimate goal is to create an end-to-end encrypted connection between User and Server B, without having to expose Server B outside of a firewall, and the key requirement being that Server Ahas no way to see the data transferred between Server B and User.

    I can configure Server A to act as a secure proxy to Server B using the 'CONNECT' method, but I'm having trouble getting the client-side code (User) to establish that tunnel. It seems 'CONNECT' is not supported by browsers.

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