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Becoming a good guitar teacher

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Garry Buttler


( 4 months ago )


I am thinking of starting guitar teaching and, of course, I am aiming to become a good guitar teacher. I don't think it will happen in the near future, because I don't have enough skill level yet, but since this is my plan, I think it's a good time to start thinking about it.

So, I would like experienced players to answer two questions:

  1. What personal and professional qualities a guitar teacher must have and how to acquire them? And why?
  2. What personal and professional qualities a guitar teacher must not have and how to avoid them? And why?

Yasmin Mirza


( 4 months ago )

Qualities a guitar teacher needs to have:

Patience. You need patience to sit through lessons with struggling students while keeping a positive attitude.

Motivation. You really need to be motivated about teaching. A lot of guitar teachers aren't motivated about teaching but see it as a way to earn money with their guitar skills.

Communication. This is a skill every teacher should possess regardless of what he is teaching.

Teaching ability. Not everyone makes a good teacher. Some people are skilled in their profession but make bad teachers for whatever reasons. Teaching is after all a skill in itself.

Playing ability. You need a certain level of mastery with the instrument.

As for things a guitar teacher should not have, I would say the exact opposite. This would be a teacher who is bored during the lesson. Isn't motivated to get his student to learn, cannot communication whit his student properly, etc.

These insights were given to me by a former guitar teacher of mine, Micheal Murray.

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