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Can <a href> accept multiple parameters?

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Vanshika Bhatt


( 5 months ago )


I've 5 different static pages: index.html syllabus-link.html advanced-linux.html contact.html gallery.html.

The functionality is quite simple - User clicks on one of the syllabus type and the user is presented with a `word file' having 2 options:

1) Download
2) View its contents.

The syllabus menu-header is not clickable, but when the user hovers on it, it would list the syllabus types in its dropdown-menu.

Let's say, I'm on index.html page and being there, I decided to click on "Linux" option from the dropdown-menu of syllabus page. The Linux word file gets displayed on the screen with options for the user to either view it's contents or download the word file(based on jQuery condition written in syllabus page). Now that I've landed on the syllabus page and this time when I try clicking on other options viz.., "Hadoop" or "CCNA", nothing shows up. But had I tried clicking either of "Hadoop" or "CCNA" option being on index.html page, it displays the correct "word file".

From external page ==> click works

Being on syllabus page ==> click doesn't work

Functionality is similar to what is shown ==>> ABOUT US section

I understand that if I write <a href="#">in syllabus page, then the current issue can be fixed, but I would lose the current working functionality. How do I achieve both?

Any help would be highly appreciated !!!

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