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Can one get a masters in philosophy without majoring in philosophy?

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Garry Buttler


( 6 months ago )


Let me clarify my question a little bit. I am a high school senior deciding between Cambridge and UChicago. I know that I want to study philosophy in grad school. I am mostly interested in continental philosophy and am especially interested in Marxism, structuralism, psychoanalysis, and phenomenology. I would prefer to go to Cambridge over Chicago overall, but there philosophy department is 100% analytic and I would not study any of the philosophy that interests me. Chicago has a department that is split between analytic and continental and they have classes on what I am interested in. If I did go to Cambridge, than I would rather study one of my other interests (French, Classics, German) than study a style of philosophy that doesn't interest me very much (no offense to those of you who prefer analytic). Then again, I am worried if I could study philosophy at a higher level if I don't take it in college. So I guess the specific question would be: if I study French, German, or Classics at Cambridge, would that diminish my chances significantly of being accepted to a masters program in philosophy (in America, Britainn, France, or Germany)?

P.S. I am an American with Canadian, British, and American citizenship.

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