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Eliminating ambiguity in a grading policy

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Deepak Parmar


( 6 months ago )

In a particular course, there will be one final exam and an online activity.

Say the final exam is worth 50 points and the online activity is worth 5 points.

Based on the following statement, how should the course be graded?

"Online activity points added to the course cumulative score."

For a sample case, we will assume a 49/50 on the exam, and 5/5 on the online activity.

While I know what the above statement means, is it ambiguous to others? If so, how can I remove the ambiguity?

EDIT1: The course grade is only made up of the final exam and online activity. There are no other sources of points.

EDIT2: I bring this up for two reasons: A student has interpreted the grading policy to mean he should get 54/50 (using the example numbers) in the course. He feels that if the points are added to the course cumulative score, they should not increase the total number of points possible (54/55). In order to prevent this misunderstanding in the future, I'm trying to reword the policy.

Ayushi Jain


( 6 months ago )

I recommend that you work with weighted averages, as being less confusing. For example: the final exam will be worth 50% of the grade; online participation will be worth 5% of the grade. (I just made those numbers up -- you get to figure out what your scheme is.)

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