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( 7 months ago )

How does one do research in any field? [closed]

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Jignesh Patel


( 7 months ago )

"How does one do research in any field?" You are not expected to know how to answer that question at the start of a PhD program, and an advisor's primary job is to guide you through that process. The commenters are right that this is an extremely concerning situation that you should take seriously. Seek another advisor immediately.

Shreya Bansal


( 7 months ago )


I have started my PhD in this academic year.The topic which I have been given to work on is Spectral Graph Theory.

As I have just completed my Master's Course which was very straight forward for me as I only had to complete the stipulated syllabus and do the problems assigned to me,I am in a difficult position now.

I don't understand what should I do,neither do I understand the only book I found in the internet and the standard reference on Spectral Graph Theory,the book Spectra of Graphs-Brouwer,Haemers.

I have 33 and a half years avaliable and already I have lost 66 months soing practically nothing.

Also there are not enough materials available in this field.

Questions that need to be answered are:

1.How do people select courses for their research?

2.What are the prerequisites for solving problems in this field?

Talking to my advisor is also a distant dream.Firstly he told me that it is not school that he will tell me what to read and what not and secondly he is busy with arranging PhD entrance exams and some of his personal problems.

Above all one question is really taking my sleep away How does one do research in any field?

Are there any suitable ways to tackle this sort of disappointment?

There is so much information in this field and so many branches that I am getting confused.

Please don't close this question.I really need some sort of advice

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