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How should I start learning Actuarial Science? [closed]

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( 4 months ago )


I recently completed my under-graduate studies in pure mathematics, and have been accepted for Masters at one of the top 10 math schools. I have great interest in research and would like to continue studying pure math. However I would also like to keep an open mind, and would like to get trained in Masters in a way that I could get job as an (beginning?) actuary, if I wish to get one.

Does a Masters in pure math, with a focus in say complex geometry, equip myself with skills required to work as an actuary later? Should I pursue Masters in actuarial science to get a job as an actuary? Since I am not quite certain about what I want to do after Masters, whether to go to do a PhD or do a job as an act, I am currently thinking of pursuing pure math, but also take some courses in act science? Is this possible, given that Masters study is only of two years, which is a very short period of time? During this summer, I would like to prepare myself to take first two exams in act science. How should I prepare for this? Any suggestion for references? Any programming skills that I should learn?

I apologize for making my questions very broad. Please suggest in comments if any improvement needs to be made. Thanks!

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