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Ideal education system for sustainable life

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Garry Buttler


( 5 months ago )

I'm not sure if this is the right site to ask this kind of question. Sorry if it is misleading.

So, what kind of education system would help to promote sustainable development?

My points now

Reorganized formal education

  • Initiative: more child-to-child approach programmes (child mentoring) and eradicating stereotypes (e.g. gender or racial) by creating media that includes people of different background.
  • Implication: it can reach wider base and syllabus catered towards innovation itself and can reduce social inequalities.

Education that involves application of natural renewable resources as basis

  • Initiative: increase the use of renewable resources through technology (e.g. solar, wind turbines to power cities and factories) which will enhance the workforce in renewable energy industry.
  • Implication:it can affect a large number of population and also can affect the environmental aspect which can contribute to a more sustainable world.

Education that is free for all

  • Initiative: free education focused on primary education (funded by government taxes) and workshop (funded by charity funds)
  • Implication: will eradicate the gaps of poverty and give the poor the chance of better education

Education that involves decision making process

  • Initiative: activities that involve decision-making process such as summer camp, experiments and tour are being featured in education
  • Implication: this will enhance the thinking skills of decision-making process of young minds.

I'm also asking if my points are straying off from original question,which is education that aims a more sustainable development.

what's your interest