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Passing variables without a form using url

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Jadav Payeng


( 5 months ago )

I have been trying to find information on passing variables without a form using url, but I can't seem to find anythig that pertains to my situation. Basically I need to have a page that is hierachical in the sense that you can click one course out of a list, that brings you to a list of sections, and you can click on a section which will bring to a page with the correct information for that one section. I was taught for this situation to use $_SESSION and then to include the variables in the url. My problem is that everytime I click on a course or a section, the information for every single course or section that is a query match is displaying rather than just the information for that one course or section. This is what I have for each of the pages in hierarchical order (not including the connect portion of the code which works fine anyways). I know this is a ton of code, and a complete mess. I will keep searching out information, and many many thanks in advance for any help.

List of Courses

$section = $_SESSION['section_id'];
$user_fname = $_SESSION['user_fname'];
$user_lname = $_SESSION['user_lname'];

     $query = "SELECT DISTINCT course_t.course_id, course_name, user_fname, user_lname, section_t.section_id   
               FROM   course_t, authorized_user_t, section_t, teaching_history_t
               WHERE authorized_user_t.authorized_user_id = teaching_history_t.instructor_id
                AND teaching_history_t.section_id = section_t.section_id
                AND section_t.course_id = course_t.course_id";

 $result = @mysql_query($query);

 while ($line1 = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {

   echo '<p align = "center"><strong><a href ="section_list.php?section_id='.$line1['section_id'].'&user_fname='.$line1['user_fname'].'&user_lname='.$line1['user_lname'].'">' .$line1['course_id'].':'.$line1['course_name']. '</a></strong><br><br>'; 


List of Sections (it is supposed to list a single intructor and then each of the sections they teach under their name)


 $section_id = $_REQUEST['section_id'];
 $user_fname = $_REQUEST['user_fname'];
 $user_lname = $_REQUEST['user_lname'];

$course_id = $_SESSION['course_id'];
$course_name = $_SESSION['course_name'];
$section_id = $_SESSION['section_id'];
$semester = $_SESSION['semester'];
$year = $_SESSION['year'];
$course_description = $_SESSION['course_description'];
$SGoal_Description = $_SESSION['SGoal_Description'];
$sobjective_description = $_SESSION['sobjective_description'];
$LObjective_Description = $_SESSION['LObjective_Description'];
$topic_title = $_SESSION['topic_title'];
$topic_description = $_SESSION['topic_description'];
$coursework_title = $_SESSION['coursework_title'];
$coursework_location = $_SESSION['coursework_location'];
$coursework_description = $_SESSION['coursework_description'];

  $query = "SELECT course_t.course_id, course_name, section_t.section_id, semester, year, course_description,
                  SGoal_Description, sobjective_description, LObjective_Description, topic_title, topic_description, coursework_title, 
                  coursework_location, coursework_description, syllabus 
               FROM course_t, section_t, section_goal_section_t, section_goal_t, section_coursework_t,
                 mapped_topic_section_t, mapped_lis_section_t, coursework_t, topic_t, lis_objective_t, section_objective_t
               WHERE course_t.course_id = section_t.course_id
                 AND section_t.section_id = section_goal_section_t.section_id
                 AND section_goal_section_t.sgoal_id = section_goal_t.sgoal_id
                 AND section_goal_section_t.section_id = mapped_lis_section_t.section_id
                 AND mapped_lis_section_t.lobjective_id = lis_objective_t.lobjective_id
                 AND section_t.section_id = mapped_topic_section_t.section_id
                 AND mapped_topic_section_t.topic_id = topic_t.topic_id
                 AND section_t.section_id = section_coursework_t.section_id
                 AND mapped_lis_section_t.sobjective_id = section_objective_t.sobjective_id
                 AND section_coursework_t.coursework_id = coursework_t.coursework_id"; 

   $result = @mysql_query($query);

         while ($line1 = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {

   echo '<ul align = "center"<strong>' .'Instructor'. ':' ."$user_fname". "$user_lname".'<li align = "center">
   <a href ="course_section.php?course_id='.$line1[

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