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Jai Khanna


( 5 months ago )


I'm looking for a somewhat sequential list of books to learn math beyond calculus at home. I've taken calc 3 and am going further but I'm having a lot of trouble nailing down a real order of things now to practice on my own. I've tried kind of figuring it out from uni class catalogues online and things like that but since I don't get a syllabus I don't get the texts listing. Anyway, it can be textbooks, those little dover books, websites etc., but I'm looking for books that lay down foundations for higher math and delve into that math itself in a progression. There are other things I feel like I should have a better foundation on that would apply to the math I've taken so far.

Any and all help would be much appreciated. I wouldn't mind some recommendations in the calc department either. Some of the things I'm interested in learning more about include linear algebra, combinatorics, number theory, logic, and complex numbers.

Sorry there isn't an actual problem here.

Edit: Didn't know someone else could change my tags but things I know I'm looking for combinatorics, number theory, linear algebra, logic, more in depth calculus (had a garbage textbook), complex analysis to start.

what's your interest