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Translating “Race condition”

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Alice Davidson


( 5 months ago )

In computer science, a race condition is, according to Wikipedia

A race condition or race hazard is the behavior of an electronic, software, or other system where the output is dependent on the sequence or timing of other uncontrollable events. It becomes a bug when events do not happen in the order the programmer intended. The term originates with the idea of two signals racing each other to influence the output first.

Assuming not everyone here is familiar with the term, some more explanation.

Often, a race condition occurs when a program developer does two actions (that have some level of dependency) written sequentially "A, then B" and expects the system to reach the status "B done after A was completed" ; but, for instance, the system may have A waiting for some event, and starts B while A did not complete yet (that might happen very infrequently, and makes debugging difficult).

Another example is "Displaying the time hour:minutes": a developer requests the system to provide the "hours", then gets the "minutes" ; while these tasks are usually quick, once in a while, rarely, the hour might have been requested at hh:59:59.9999, and the minutes 0.0001 second later, at hh+1:00:00.0000, rendering hh:00 instead of hh+1:00 (or hh:59).

How would you translate race condition to French?

Found "condition de course", "situation de compétition" or "condition de concurrence". Is there a specific and accepted idiom?

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