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Using Peewee ORM to generate data for graphs

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Arminder Gill


( 5 months ago )

I'm building a web app which allows professors to input assignments for students to follow along with, an interactive syllabus if you will. One of the sections of a course page displays progress.

I have built a pie graph component which I'd like to populate with data:

    title, # name of chart
    percent, # percentage of assignments completed
    count, # how many assignments completed
    total # how many assignments total

I'm using the Peewee ORM to retrieve this data from my assignments table:

class Type(BaseModel):
    name = CharField() # Homework, Test, Final, etc.

class Assignment(BaseModel):
    name = CharField()
    due_date = DateField()
    type = ForeignKeyField(Type)
    course = ForeignKeyField(Course)

I need the following from the database and I'm not sure how to accomplish it with Peewee. Getting the name, and total should be simple. But I need to compare the due_date to today's date to see how many of the assignments are completed.

Name Total Completed

Final 2 0 Homework 23 12 Test 4 2

My pie chart output will look something like this if it matters:

3 of 10 complete


I've got a query that does almost everything I need. Can anyone help me take it the rest of the way?

Here's the query:

        count(a.type_id) as total,
            select count(id)
            from assignment a
            where a.course_id = 7
            and a.user_id = 3
            and a.due_date < date()
            group by a.type_id
            order by a.type_id
        ) as completed
from assignment a
inner join type t on = a.type_id
where a.course_id = 7
and a.user_id = 3
group by a.type_id
order by a.type_id

And here's the result using the sample data below:

Homework, 8, 6
Test, 4, 6
Final, 2, 6

This is really close, but I would expect the completed column to be specific to the assignment type.

Here's some sample data from the Assignment table

id name
9, Chapter 1, 2014-11-01
10, Chapter 2, 2014-11-08
11, Test on chapter 1-2, 2014-11-15
12, Chapter 3, 2014-
Nageshwer Reddy


( 5 months ago )

The great thing about dates in python, and peewee in particular is that you can compare them in a pretty intuitive way. Behind the scenes dates are typically represented as number of seconds since some date in 1970. Here's an example of querying by date with peewee:

today =
query = Tweet.update(is_published=True).where(Tweet.creation_date < today)

In this example the Tweet class is just one with a boolean is_published attribute, and a datetime creation_date attribute.

Something closer to your example would be:

today =
query = < today)

But I'll try not to completely give the answer away.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions.

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