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( 6 months ago )

What does an absolute novice need to learn to make a successful emergency landing?

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Bhanu Gupta


( 6 months ago )

Suppose I am a passenger in a small, non-commercial plane (e.g. at most 8 seats), and the pilot suddenly dies or is otherwise incapacitated mid-flight. Suppose further that nobody else on the plane knows the first thing about flying, or that I were the only other person on the plane. I understand the basic physics of flying, and have been in airplane cockpits before for a ride, but never piloted one. Cockpits are an intimidating bank of switches and dials, and I imagine I'd have very little time to acquaint myself with them experimentally in an emergency.

What minimalistic, general information should I know in an emergency situation to try to land a small plane?

I'm looking for perhaps 5–10 fast-and-simple rules-of-thumb that would be useful in a life-or-death situation, yet easy to remember.

A great answer might include 2–3 sentence answers for things such as:

  • Where might I expect to find certain, key controls?
  • How could I contact air traffic control?
  • What kind of terrain should I aim for, if possible?
  • What rate of descent is too dangerous?
  • How to deploy landing gear? (What might this button look like?!)
  • How to control the aircraft speed, and how slow is too slow?
  • How might I determine a good angle of attack?

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