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Word Patterns for Cryptography

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( 4 months ago )

I want a function f that takes a word (like those listed in WordList[]) and returns a pattern best described by examples like these: f[“book”]=abbc; f[“settings”]=abccdefa; and f[“moving”]=abcdef.

Then I want a second function, f2, that searches a list of words for words that have the same pattern, returning a list of them; for example f2[WordList[],abcdefabgd]={liberalize, roisterous, stochastic}

The motive is to write a program that solves substitution ciphers, but could have other uses too!



( 4 months ago )

You can split the string and turn it into a pattern like this:

makePattern[word_String] := StringExpression @@ Map[
  With[{s = Symbol @ #}, Pattern[s, Blank[]]] &,

findMatches[word_String, list_List : WordList[]] := 
  Select[list, StringMatchQ[makePattern @ word]];

Which gives you

findMatches @ "settings"

{"diffused", "golliwog", "greening", "greeting", "grooming", "grooving", "guzzling", "littoral", "rollover", "succubus", "suppress", "syllabus"}

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