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A philosophy where technology is forsaken and nature embraced

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Alice Davidson


( 4 months ago )


There is a particular philosophy that I am trying to find the proper word to describe.

An exemple of this philosophy is from a short story I once read (From Jack London's short story "To Build a Fire") is where a man tries to build a fire in the winter, and in his confidence takes his boots off to warm them. Whereupon snow falls from above, extinguishing the fire, soaking his foot, and we are left to presume dooming him to death.

Another example (that I cannot source sadly) is the story of a particular man who abandoned society and built himself a log cabin in the middle of the woods, and lived his entire life there.

The core concepts invovled are thus:

  • A reverence for nature
  • A desire to be self-sufficient
  • A belief that this state is the purest form of mankind
  • Not a fear of technology, but a desire to avoid it

what's your interest