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Futuristic world with old technology? [closed]

General Tech Technology & Software

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( 2 months ago )


I wrote this paragraph with my character pulling out a laptop, when he literally has a computer Chipped into his Arm???

Greyson entered his study, he got his computer out of it’s briefcase and turned it on, the loading screen took a long time and when he entered his login information, he immediately began a dutiful search of the chimera in his living room. He searched for key terms and physical features. After about two hours of searching, he came up with nothing, so he logged off and grabbed his coat. He was doing some actual investigating.

I don't know how to re-write this without changing half of my story's technology. Can I get some pointers on how to change it?

For clarification, I am not asking you to fix it, just asking for pointers

(I re-wrote the whole paragraph and used the suggestions you guys gave me, this is the improved result.)

Still owning a laptop (for security purposes), Greyson entered the third room on the right in his home -his study- to research. Dusty from disuse, he wiped off his white metallic fibre desk, now browning with age. The old relic from his past sat in the center of the table, waiting to be used. Greyson walked back to close the door and turn the lights on, the bright fluorescent bulbs illuminated the bare, white room. His desk chair was leaning against the far wall, facing the center if the open space. There were no windows in the study, and no clock as well, but it did have a glass floor that looked over the garage. He saw down to his car and hover bike, Haku’s was homemade and parked right beside his own. He smiled a little and sat down in the chair, scooting it to the edge of the desk, where he turned the power button on and entered his code: 5073029. Haku’s birthday. He began immediately and searched the World Wide Web for renowned scientists. His search for biological scientists was extensive, and deep. He managed to get in touch with the black market to see if they were selling similar beasts (they were, but none that matched his description). ‘This is ridiculous,’ Greyson thought to himself, rubbing his calloused hands over his exhausted face. ‘I need to go to the source, but there’s only this lead for India,’ he threw his hands up in exasperation and slumped in his seat. ‘There’s a circus there, though.’

He downloaded the details for the circus into his holophane computer in his arm, grabbed his coat, and began packing for a long trip.



( 2 months ago )

In this real world, we still have numerous reasons to use centuries-old technology, right? We still use AM radio from time to time, sewing machines are still in use, we still have a use for washing machines, etc.

The key here is for the laptop to fulfill a niche the chip in his arm doesn't. Maybe his chip doesn't store files as readable .docs or .exes, only a bunch of easily-garbled neural information that can't be read by other systems.

Maybe laptops are the only way to make easily-transferable information. After all, anything that's using the brain as wetware will be difficult to interpret by anyone that isn't the brain of origin, right?

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