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( 6 months ago )

How can we create a living dinosaur using DNA technology?

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Naveen Shastri


( 6 months ago )


I'm wondering what would we need to do to create a living dinosaur using DNA technology? If it is not possible with current technology, will it ever be feasible?

In the movie Jurassic Park, scientists extract dinosaur DNA from a mosquito which was preserved in amber, and which has sucked blood from a dinosaur. The DNA is incomplete, so the scientists splice it with frog DNA. The DNA is then inserted into a crocodile ova and an embryo is created, and so on.

The Jurrassic park method is dubious. Although dinosaur DNA has been found and isolated, it was too damaged to restore it to its original form using current technology. It's not clear that splicing with frog DNA would work. Let's for the moment forget about how you would get the dinosaur embryo to develop and the eggs to incubate and hatch. I want to know how would we fully sequence the genome of some dinosaur?

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