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How do we implement a technology independent web interface to our software?

General Tech Technology & Software
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Alice Davidson


( 4 months ago )

We have a piece of web software that users log in and administrate. We need to provide a way for them to write scripts that can automate the tasks that they do so they don't need to log in using web forms.

We use and c# as a technology. We want to provide web services to allow them to connect and performs basic manipulations getusers(), updateListring() etc.

What I'm wondering is when you write a webservice in c# can any client access this? Is it just technology independent? Could they write a site in php or a script in python or even c++ and using a soap kit call the web service?

If not what are my options to allow people to access our .net software technology independent?

What about WCF? I take it this only .net.

what's your interest