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Is there a .Net technology equivalent to scriptable Java applets? (for a specific use-case)

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Shreya Bansal


( 3 months ago )


One of the core technology components at my company is a Java Applet for digital signature. This is a headless component, in the sense that all presentation is handled via HTML/CSS, and the applet methods are invoked from Javascript. The applet itself is not visible in the page.

Now we've come to a situation where we have some specific signature format (signature embedded in docx [OfficeOpenXML] documents) that is more easily handled using .Net classes, and we have some prototype implementation as a .Net DLL.

In the olden COM years, Active/X components were used in web pages with a similar purpose, and were scriptable too. I would like to know what (if any) is the equivalent now for embedding .Net classes and scripting them using Javascript.

What is the technology to use? Would Silverlight be the approach, or is it biased towards RIA, i.e. apps with a visual appearance? If it is a good solution, I will greatly appreciate pointers to tutorials or code samples in that direction. I've had roughly 1 year exposure to .Net (C#) in the past but none to Silverlight.

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