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Mass data upload from Excel - technology

General Tech Technology & Software

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( 3 months ago )

I am a Developer seeking help in terms of DB technology for a specific requirement. I have done some research but can not conclude with list.

Requirement: There will be a web application which will allow user to upload Excel document in specified format(expecting 1 Million of rows) and it will then Save somewhere in DB and run some calculation against our data base values. After that will present user with some numbers/chart based on calculations.

  • My first question is MySQL DB good enough for this requirement over any other DB like Postgres?

  • Second question is how much time will it take to upload 1 million rows of data from Excel, considering there will be 6 columns?

  • Third, which technologies should I consider to make this application fast and efficient like InnoDB, etc.

Once again I have done my research but I could not reach into conclusions, and any DB expert feedback/help will be highly appreciated.

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