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Technology selection: HTML5/Javascript/SQLite + Dropbox

General Tech Technology & Software

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( 3 months ago )



I want to crate a very simple database application (2 tables, insert and update) that runs on the desktop and on a mobile device (Android initially). I need the data to be synchronised so that the user can create data on the desktop and update it on the mobile.

It seems that a nice elegant solution might be:

1) Use Dropbox to synchronise the data

2) Use HTML5 and javascript to create a single WebKit based app that uses a SQLite database file

Some questions:

1) Suggestions for alternative approaches?

2) Can I control the location of a client side SQLite file, so that it will go into my Dropbox folder, from Javascript

3) Where is a good place to learn about these javascript APIs? What search terms should I ask Google to find relevant resources?


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